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September 11, 2011



I like this post because it emphasizes the confusion that day. I was driving in New Mexico just past dawn as it happened, listening intently and wondering if other people in cars were hearing the same things as I, and I have never forgotten several snafus from that day.

One was a report that went out over NPR that a car bomb had exploded outside of the State Department. Never heard another word about that one: WTF? The second was when I tried to phone a friend in the New York City area and I got a canned message that I couldn't make the call because "a tornado has hit the area." The third thing was how, somehow in the middle of all the confusion, the networks managed to televise some footage of some people in Palestine dancing in happiness over the attacks. Even that day I thought, "I call bullshit" on that, since they didn't seem to have footage of anybody else from outside the New York area, nor could they seem to get ahold of the President for something beyond a completely canned response (the same short canned response was repeated for hours after). The fourth thing is that it seemed like Flight 93 was missing for an extra long time, and that the report that it had crashed seem to take an ungodly long time to emerge.....

I don't count on my memories of confusion to be meaningful, much less definitive, but I won't allow that they can simply be corrected.

Lastly, I remember thinking in the following days that it was taking the government a surprisingly long time to "spin" the event and I had this brief hope that the response would actually reflect the seriousness of the event. I must have been delirious: of course Bush at last produced the "they hate us for our freedom" meme, and everyone got in line with that. Turning it into high school: cried the quarterbacks and cheerleaders, they hate us because we are beautiful.

They hate us for our freedom, let's do something about that. Let's get less free.

(Thanks Obama for not reversing the trend or anything)


I hear ya about the Saudis being allowed to fly. It stinks. It stinks like an 18th century royal poisoning. I'm no truther at all - it just stinks of aristocrats extending privilege to others of their class, country be damned.

I listened to Howard Stern that morning.

My first distinct memory of listening to WFMU afterwards might be Mastodon on DK's show in October.


More inanity from the firecracker that is a dud.

michael c

best commentary i've read about 911...thanks Bronwyn!


Additional excellent commentary appears on the blog of FMU DJ-emeritus Bob Rixon — beginning with his Sept. 8 post on the "Lost Decade." Search "rix mix."


I don't like Nana mouskouri. With her fake pleasantry. A Friend of mine did the privat service to her in a Hotel, when she prepared her tour. In his Opinion she's the worst women in the world.

Listener Ralphine

The network television broadcasts from 9/11/01 are archived at the Internet Archive. They'll help you remember the confusion.


she gives link to tv archive in her post paragraph 3


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