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October 04, 2011


Bill C

WLS 89 AM in Chicago had a montage like this back in the early 1970s and I distinctly remember John Records Landecker playing it on his show. That initial sampling got me interested in making my own from tapes over the years. The best I ever compiled was a 30 minute montage of everything George Jones recorded: each song snippet lasting between 5 and 15 seconds. It sounds amazing and shows his catalog very nicely.

I like this genre as it brings back so many memories of long forgotten music and artists. I only wish that your shell script had recorded until the next musical lull and phased the songs together in a dovetail fade. The script you used had awkward cuts due to the ten second parameter you established and it cur off words in the middle. Try fading the songs in and out on top of each other and be more liberal with the "10 seconds" and you'll have something truly memorable.

Thanks for the memories.


can you please give the tracklist for your "'60s Top 100 By Year" inserts

Cheese Knees

Yes please old chap. Track lists would be absolutely wonderful. Thanks for the posts. Ta ta for now from jolly old England.


OK, the track lists are there!

And Bill C, yes, there was an old radio show called the History of Rock And Roll that originated the chartsweep concept to my knowledge. Unfortunately, shell scripts are stupid and don't know how to keep from cutting words off, but I'll look into crossfading the samples. I'm working on learning Python so I can improve my code in a lot of different ways.


Yo natroe i always love your shows and thanks for these. if i had money i would pay you to do the 70s/80s/90s/00s but am broke right now but i am donating to your show.



Thanks Nat. These are strangely addictive; I can't stop listening.


Awesome! Gives me overloaded audio memory stimulation


I never want to listen to any track more than ten seconds again. Sparetime here i come!

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