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October 18, 2011


That Guy

Bummer. I grew up south of Boston and was way into hardcore in the early 80s. Around 1984 most of the first wave of hardcore bands were starting to play horrible cock-rock and it was pretty depressing. Then I got my hands on Siege's Drop Dead cassette and it blew me away more than anything I had heard in years. I love these old videos of them destroying it in what looks like a school cafeteria.


actually, it was a church basement in weymouth, jackson, sq. the congregational church I believe. Kevin was a great guy, he'll definitely be missed. That Guy...where'd you grow up?

That Guy

Hey J-thanks for the clarification. I hope kids are still making subversive music in church basements. I grew up in Newport RI. Spent a lot of time driving up and down Rt. 24 to the Channel, Paradise, TT The Bears...and you?


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