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October 01, 2011


Samm Bennett

Stunning. Or something. The Davey Moore is actually pretty fun listening, but the rest of it gets a bit tedious... Anyway, crazy find! I7d expect no less from WFMU.


This lp is pretty well-known, actually. I just felt like hearing the whole blamed thing and passing it down in better quality than is probably available at the other places where it is downloadable. Back when I used to collect a lot of 'celebrity' records it was never that near the top of my want list, but going through it all again to transfer it I did like it better than I'd remembered. Hang on for side two - it has its moments!

Andy Lester

I know some of these from Rhino's "Golden Throats" comps.

You'll later be posting the "Like a Rolling Stone", I hope?

Listener Ralphine

Why would WRCR let that LP go?


Ha, I just pulled this LP out last week while setting stuff aside for a tentative yard sale (if you are in Jamaica Plain, MA. this coming saturday you may be able to score this LP.) I agree that it's funny for a song or two and then quickly gets tedious, but then lots of novelty records are like that.

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