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October 20, 2011


Kip W

Around 1968, a year or so before the big "Paul is Dead" thing erupted, my older sisters were into the notion that the Beatles albums had clues which, when deciphered, would tell you where and when (Wednesday Morning at Five O'Clock, for instance) to go and wait. A helicopter, they said, would show up and take the believers who figured it all out to a wonderful island where the Beatles would treat everybody to a sort of magical mystery tour.

I have no idea where they got it. A while later, closer to 1970, the big Paul McCartney thing erupted, and there was no more talk of mystery tours or helicopters.

pierre norgaard

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mr. mike

I've heard all this stuff before on conspiracy message boards and all I can ask is: what's the point? If they really did replace Paul in 1966, why should the facade matter now that the band cannot perform? And why hand out all these "clues" for 40 years? Insanity.

I would love if these guys would start asking questions about some of the weirder mysteries of `60s rock, like whatever happened to the original version of the Electric Prunes. The one that got a recording contract was not the first group to have that name....who were the originals, why did they break up, and did it have anything to do with anything interesting? The Monkees. Could they have formed a supergroup with Herman's Hermits to keep both bands afloat? And where is the fabled 30 minute Troggs tape? I've only heard about five minutes; does it get better? Worse? Inquiring minds want to know!

John Fell Ryan

It's a glaring question if The Beatles & Co really did commit this conspiracy, why they would purposely leave all these "clues." If they wanted to keep Paul's replacement a secret, wouldn't it be better to leave no hints at all? But by following a logical line of inquiry into the Paul Is Dead mystery, we'll already fallen into "their" trap, by assuming that the plot is real. The interesting thing about the Paul is Dead myth is not what really happened, but what people find themselves believing may have happened, despite all better judgement. Whether the "plot" was perpetrated by The Beatles, the "Illuminati," stoned college kids, all or none of the above is immaterial: the phenomenon exists with or without you. The essence of a grand mystery is not the solving of a crime, but the unraveling of the layers of reality, exposing what we might call the cosmic consciousness.
To paraphrase Pogo, "They is us."


This has been eating at me all my life, thank you for finally clearing it up, no snark.


I left a comment earlier about how all of this pointed to proof that Obama's birth certificate was a fake-- I see you expunged it from the comments. I was being sarcastic, but also trying to point out how belief in conspiracies is often devoid of any real evidence, in fact evidence disproving a conspiracy (Obama producing his birth certificate, Paul McCartney performing and writing very McCartney-esque songs for another 30 years after his "death") is usually discounted as "too perfect-- it must be part of the conspiracy!"

Personally I think it was all part of a larger conspiracy to help Klaatu sell records.


John's point is well taken:why the "clues"? Of course, the 'conspiracy'-oriented types would invent reasons to explain that away. In some cases, the whole thing resembles grand satire, but the theories are become extremely strange, suggesting a whole population of nutters who not truly believe the whole thing was true, but have actually imagined an alternate reality that resembles or represents the most bizarre fan-geek obsession imaginable. Each "clue" is buttressed with other "clues" (and many are obviously fictitious) and diverging theories are commonplace among the committed--it can be headache-inducing to read even small passages of the PID fantasies out there. Clearly, something simple such as DNA tests would conceivably solve everything, but even if so, the PID freaks would try to explain that away. Schizophrenia or something else?

John Fell Ryan

But to fan the flames, may I point out there are two "Pauls" in the complete collection of "Yellow Submarine" toys released in 1999:
Reality just can't help it ... The PID myth is too catchy!

Harold Kramer

While I always found this interesting, the clues and what not, couldn't this be easily solved by comparing the voice prints of McCartney before and after 1966? I believe that every voice has it's own unique signature that cannot be duplicated. Am I right about this technology?



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