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November 17, 2011


Steven L Jones

Hey - thanks for playing the Folks On Fire tracks. The album they come from was popular enough on college radio that EMI Records approached us for tapes. Alas by that time the band had broken up, and Bruce Linn and I were both in Chicago to go to art school. I've wanted to re-release our two LPs and various extra tracks as a CD twofer for years. Also tried to get a reunion set of gigs together last year but couldn't get everyone on board. Oh well. So thanks for the air time! I enjoyed hearing these tracks again.

Steve Jones
Chicago, IL

Tony Coulter

Great to hear from you, Steve!! Did your albums come out on vinyl as well, then? I've got "Under a Hairy Sun" as a cassette, and always thought that was the only way it was released. Hope you do get around to that CD reissue!

Steven L Jones

Both records came out on vinyl. For the second one (Hairy Sun) we managed to get it released on both vinyl and cassette. The cassette came with three bonus tracks - Living Room, This Line's Been Disconnected, and Got a Feeling (which was a send-up of a very popular local band called Nervous Melvin & The Mistakes, who were essentially a Beatles, etc. cover band). I still have a stack of both LPs. We really missed our moment for re-release. When Squirrel Bait put out their twofer CD (early 90s?) I thought we should have done so as well, while people still remembered us. So much time has passed now we're largely forgotten. But it may yet happen. If nothing else I plan to do a fan page on Facebook and upload tracks from the LPs. Anyway, really appreciate your support!


Tony Coulter

Thanks for the info, Steve! I'll have to search out those LPs. I'm glad to hear, though, that two of the four tracks I posted are only on the cassette (since this post is supposed to be about cassettes). You really should make those albums available in some way -- I'm sure a lot of people would like them, not just people who were your fans back in the '80s.

Steven L Jones

I'm happy to send you copies of the LPs. Just send me an email with your mailing address.

[email protected]


Yeeeaaah! This is what I love about WFMU!

Tom Burgess

In the future, people will transfer MP3s to cassettes.

Steven L Jones

Thanks again for your interest. LPs on the way. -SLJ

Skip Elsheimer

Thanks Tony for mentioning the Wifflefist Compilation. This blog mention is probably the most press that tape compilation ever got..

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