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November 14, 2011



Regarding Steve Miller and Mercury Blues- the film "Revolution" and it's attendant soundtrack contain an earlier version of the tune by an earlier version of the band.

John Fell Ryan

And its scene in the "Revolution" film barely features motor vehicles at all but a band of merry SF hippies walking out of the city and climbing trees ...
"You know in your brain you must leave the Capitol"
Io Pan!

John Fell Ryan

And here's a pic of 1949 Mercury mentioned in "Mercury Blues"
We all live in a yellow submarine...

Prof. Chuck Bonghis, Dept. of Subcultural Studies, University of Phoenix

JFR's syntax is a mystical experience in itself:

'And one final transportation of Monterey, The Steve Miller Band's hypnotic “Mercury Blues,” of which proved impossible to find footage on Youtube, but whose search provided this excellent footage of a 1954 Mercury being towed down the road, its soundtrack the version recorded for the 1976 LP Fly Like An Eagle.'

That paragraph alone transports me to a mongoloid nirvana where everyone wears beards and awesome hats. Don't stop the flow, man!

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