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November 18, 2011



I am, indeed, amazed. Babushka-core!

Alternative Tentacles, catalog# 72.5

Dr. Schreck

I don't know... I just did some research about them and found this site:

I don't speak russian, and the google translation sucks, but they seem to be some pretty bad Nazis in their strange way. Does anyone know more about this? Actually I was tempted to download their stuff when I followed the mp3 link, but I don't want to have some Nazi shit in my stereo...


"Our icons are the most beautiful! .... I live where they are the cheapest too! I have decorated my entire bathroom with them ..."
"Our president is better than Hitler, because our president is good!"
"Kill cosmonauts! They cut through the sky against the will of god!"

What we have here is the local weirdos in a provincial town, just out of a Nietzsche, Doors, and chess adolescence, and recently having acquired a digital camera to supplement their nascent audio experimentation. Outside the apartment are old people, former factory workers who push wheelbarrows in exchange for vodka, and teenagers with one year to go before conscription and not indifferent to dying first. The attention to amusing detail in the videos bespeaks a humor beyond the average skinhead / nazi theorist, although the will to transcend one's prison can take on supremacist discipline, uber rational qualities. If Russia would just switch from vodka to pot, it would be a fantastic, humanistic and warm country, or at least exterminate itself (the current plan) without causing too much pain to others.


I doubt that they are serious... even tho I can't understand Russian it sounds like a joke band...

Dr. Schreck

I showed this to a friend who speaks a little bit of russian and he pretty much is your opinion, V. He's a bit into the russian/eastern underground scene and told me that the interview in the link aboe is pretty contradictory and provocational. As you said, V, smalltown kids with the will to provocate using Nazi (or similar) symbolism (which isn't very new, see Siouxsie, see Sex Pistols, see Laibach). Even though this friend of mine told me that quite a lot of bands from there have sympathies for Hitler.
But those guys here are very funny indeed, and humor isn't the first attribute one would expect from Nazis...

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