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November 07, 2011



"the thought of war...blows"

genius edits!

Tim O'Brien

This shows that 10 seconds is actually a pretty long time

Bill C

One outstanding inclusion from 1972 is Jud Strunk. He was from Laugh In and deserved more time in the charts. Luckily he got there once with a very sweet song about growing up, growing old, and staying in love no matter what happens. This is a message we all need to be reminded of daily.

Bill C

Make that 1973 for Jud Strunk. The separator goes on the other side...

The Cheese Knees

Spiffing series old chap. Thanks for the tracklist for the 60s. Got one for this lot?


May I ask, can you provide tracklist for the 70's playlist?

Kim Simpson

Ha - just linked to this at my Early '70s Radio blog. Nat's using the Billboard year-end charts. You can see these at Longbored Surfer.

non person

It's like those commercials for 12 record sets of the hits of the 1970s presented to you by Time Life or Readers Digest, but better.


Nice, but your 1971 compilation is missing the #1 song, Joy to the World! also noticed you go well past the top 100, where do you get those from?


Hey Dan,

I'm surprised you're the first person to point this out! I'm using a computer program to make this...occasionally there are errors and a song doesn't get processed. So there are certainly some errors, not to mention that the computer doesn't make very elegant cuts a lot of the time.

I'm pulling these clips from FMU's mp3 library, which has "top 100 by year" folders of mp3s...not sure exactly where they're getting them from.

Perhaps "every" is hyperbole. But you get the point, at least. This process is far from perfect, I do readily admit.

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