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November 22, 2011


Scott L.

I don't know if any one person can find every secret in this place. I've been a few times and always find some new deathtrap I didn't see the time before. There's a slide in the floor by the front door that starts out normal sized, but then narrows to be just wide enough for a kid, so any adults going down with them will get jammed in and have to crawl back up. Where does the kid go? No one seemed to be able to say! Also a friend of mine was down in the Enchanted Caves and thought he'd crawl up an interesting looking tunnel only to run face-first into a stalactite that was completely hidden and waiting for prey.

The owner died in a bulldozer accident earlier this year, and I didn't know him, but from the design of the building it seems like the way he would have wanted to go.

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