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November 02, 2011



More proto-Toby Keith redneck crap. What else is old?

Listener Greg G.

Sorry, but you'll have to wait to find out. Don't worry, though - the time will pass quickly and you can look forward to expressing more ire before you know it.

mr. mike

He sounds very traditional; if I only heard track two I would have assumed this guy had prefomed at the Grand Old Opry in 1938.


Why do you keep posting this unlistenable redneck crud? It's not good music, it's loony right-wing propaganda for the most part. You might as well post on hate merchants like the Uprise Direct blog.

Listener Greg G.

Because there's value in documenting the world of long-gone independent record labels and their occasional embrace of populism. The intersection of music, current events and politics is always worth exploring - even if your ox gets gored every once in a while.

mr. mike

"Why do you keep posting this unlistenable redneck crud?"

Why did the WFMU blog post the tapes of that Army doctor in Korea in 1954? Because they could. This blog embraces the world, even the skeevy parts.

Archive Listener Frank

Why can't WFMU read my mind and only post blog entries that don't offend my political and aesthetic sensibilities? Why do people insist on being "different?"


This is quite fascinating to me! Is this going to last ?

If you have time please check my blog too, a lot of good music...

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