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November 23, 2011



Beautifully written and spot on, thanks.


the original videos/photos of the pepper spraying cop creates the outrage & hopefully galvilnizes the occupy movement, much as the video & photos of the guardsmen shooting the Kent state students (or even better the weeping woman over the body of the dead student) finally galvinized the Viet Nam anti-war movement, the first straw that finally startede the end of that conflict & the removal of US troops.
As to the photo shopped parodies, humans have always quickly trotted out humor to smooth out the outrage, this is no different. Torch


Tomdjll doesn't trust irony. So what?

What if inserting Sgt. Pepperspray into every possible cultural circumstance undercuts the seriousness of police brutality? Would that be so bad? All these jokes present police brutality as exactly what it is: gratuitous cruelty. I'm impressed with the rhetorical attempt to laugh police violence away. If police violence has any "rationale," it is surely meant to inspire fear. Laughter is not fear.

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