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November 21, 2011


John Fell Ryan

Thanksgiving Special:
Christmas Special:

A. Campbell Payne

Always wondered where those samples on Bauhaus' The Sky's Gone Out came from...


Makes me think of Murun Buchstansangur, a British cartoon I used to enjoy...

Which reminds me, you have no category for "Cartoon I saw as a young adult but was too wasted to remember much of..."

I used to catch this odd little cartoon in between music shows and late-nite movies on Channel 4, and I could never figure out if (or how much) I liked it. Then for years I'd refer to it only to find that nobody knew what I was talking about.

Now you can just look it up on t'interweb it's much easier to convince people this stupid cartoon exists. Check it out if you have a mind to... I was quite amused by the one where Murun invites his neighbour to go for a walk in the country.

Jim B

Cartoon therapy, i.e., seeing a cartoon for the first time in forty years or longer and being rewarded with a mental snapshot of your infantile psyche, can be obtained at the Big Cartoon Data Base. Facilitators always on hand to help retrieve those buried memory/fantasies:

Jim B

@AJO: Try the Mystery Cartoon Forum at the aformentioned Big Cartoon Data Base. The level of esotericsm matches FMU's.


Whoa heavy.

Sell Omega Seamaster

I could never figure out if (or how much) I liked it.
Sell Omega Seamaster

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