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November 27, 2011



if i remember correctly (and i was drunk enough to not), the best gg show i saw was at the lismar; we played pool with the band and drank, and gg passed out before the show. merle sang, while gg slept on the floor. he might
have woken up for a few songs.
later shows inolved too many crusties to be fun - tho they were spectacular. there is a fantabulous documentary video out there of a texas trip by the man; between gg begging to watch a man bathe and a
fanboy falling off a second-story balcony while begging gg to let him in, pennebaker can be heard gnashing his teeth in envy.

DJ Bronwyn C.

I taped (VHS!) an episode of the Jenny Jones show with g.g. as featured guest, meaning Jenny and her other guest, a random New Jersey state trooper, spent a solid hour demonizing him and warning parents to keep their children away from his music and his shows. g.g's reaction to it all was pretty hilarious—mostly he just said things to egg them on—but the funniest thing was that the show, which was obviously pre-recorded, aired for the first time about a week after g.g. died, and they never mentioned that fact in any way; no voice-over at beginning or end, no crawl across the bottom of the screen. "Parents: Watch out for this dead guy!"
I still have the tape.


Hey, I appreciate the essay and I appreciate GG Allin and what he did. I wish I had been able to see a show, but some of his ideas are preposterous and taking them seriously is laughable. The guy was clearly psychologically ill.


what cracks me up is ol' Jerry now has nothing but violent fighting idiots on his show...


funny this is coming up now - i just wrote a piece about gg for my local alt-weekly:

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