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December 15, 2011



I love the songs by Strong Heart! Would love to know more about them. Hope someone comes across this post.

Tony Coulter

Glad you like Strong Heart, Nolan. If anybody connected with any of these four tapes reads this post, please do get in touch.


The Armageddon track is terrific. B.Bruno's covers I find to be more satisfying than the Pink Floyd originals. I heard his Comfortably Numb on your show and wrote myself a note so that I might track his music down somehow. Thanks for posting this!


Thank you for the B. Bruno - you're right, he is channeling some inner MIJ-ness, which is something more people should do! :-)

Jeff Claiborn

Roman Wilderness: Leaves of Autumn.
Great stuff. Kinda has a Moody Blues vibe. I like it lots. Thanks for sharing.

Wilfried Jaillard

Comfortably Numb by B. Bruno has become a real hit for me. Thanks for digging out this amazing cover!

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