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December 09, 2011



When I had cats in my household, they were exposed to quite a lot of odd and weird music. This CD was the only thing that ever made them run around the house like they were chasing, or possessed by, demons. Ahh, memories...

Benny Bear

This is the "record" that was played to our class by "the God of teaching" Mr. Robinson as part of our music lesson. I instantly knew that I could have a go at this and that night spent hours recording the creaking doors of our house, lopping and editing. Was the start of a love of music and all things recording. Now have a wonderfully equipped studio and compose and record almost everyday!


where does the quotation -

Art lived so long / with its head stuck in the myth of realism / that it got sand up its nose / that it forgot it was always abstract. / Music lived so long as an abstraction / that it forgot it could be anything else.

- come from?

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