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December 11, 2011


Country Paul

The Alison Sisters absolutely nail it on Strong Chords of Love, and the other three tracks (OK, maybe not quite on Jingle Bells) are really good too. If they'd only had better orchestration and distribution I think they could have been far more successful. Bob, you're right on all counts re: Strong; this delightful gem deserves to be re-discovered and perhaps even re-recorded. The chorus quatrain is truly moving.

BTW, I just discovered your blog last night and stayed up far too late reading and listening. (You'll also find a couple of random comments that I left behind, including additional inforrmation about the highly-distinctive Silva-Tones.) You, like my friend Phil Milstein, have fascinating taste. I'm surprised I haven't encountered you before, but you are "favorited" now.

Happy musical exploring,
Country Paul (another faithful long-time WFMU supporter and listener)

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