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December 12, 2011


Yair Yona

One of my fav versions is Cul De Sac's from their debut album Ecim. You should all try it.


and then there was the techno anthem hit from Messiah ' Temple of Dreams'

Larsen E. Whipsnade

The Monkees performance is amazing.

That was actually the very last moment of the series' run. As the members of the band were asserting more control, they wanted to move the show toward more of a variety format, and each of them chose a guest to include. The last three episodes featured these short cutaways at the end: first was Davy Jones interviewing Charlie Smalls, the future composer of The Wiz; the second was the legendary Nesmith/Zappa appearance; then this was the last. Peter Tork's guest star Pete Seeger apparently never happened.

Btw, there's a GREAT version of this song by Damon and Naomi with Kurihara.

Larsen E. Whipsnade

PS. Monkees creator Bert Schneider passed on this week.,0,1747674.story

will rodgers

you are forgetting the lovely Damon and Naomi (w Kurihara) version.

John Fell Ryan

I think Antony and and the Johnsons show incredible restraint by not doing this song.

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