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December 19, 2011


holy fuckin' shit!


Agreed. WKRP come to life. Actually this _was_ my life in High School. I even had the WNEW calendar, each month featuring a tableau of one of the DJ's (including Dan-O, Muni, etc.) themed around a famous song. Book 'em Dano!


it's great to see all the old jocks like Muni,Fornatell,and Near,but it was a an extra treat for me to see the calendar being composed,as I was on it for a few years.WNEW-FM was probably the most popular commercial station of it's day,and was an important part of music history,you never knew what guests would drop in and just be themselves.

Randy in NC

Wow! Lots of memories. And they made that on my birthday!

I never realized that the WNEW DJ's stood up during their airtime. Megless did 5 hours standing.

I was a cameraman for a while at that Central Park disarmament rally they mention. Very unprofessional, and it was actually broadcast live on Ch 13.

Hmmm, 1982, that was right around the time I switched from WNEW and started listening to WFMU!

Does anyone remember, back then in the advertising for stereo systems -- Sony, Panasonic, Marantz, etc. -- that the tuner was always set to 102.7?

Clueless in MI

I'd like to have a $10.00 bill for every WNEW-Fm co-sponsored Ride For CP I went on in Central Park. And yes, I too lusted after each years calender. Some of those babes were HOT!


The call letters "WNEW-FM" will now be used for a new CBS-owned all-news station in Washington D.C. They may use "WNEW-AM" for a DC station focused on federal government news.

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