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January 30, 2012



nicht vergessen.
Werner von Braun was used a lot in those info films on the Wonderful World of Disney when space was the topic.


Yeah, I had a similar experience to Mark E. Smith at an amusement park.

Let's just say that I'm an ex-Death In June and ex-Boyd Rice fan. It's not even so much the Nazi angle (which I'm pretty much sick of) but both people's standard issue Islamophobia -- not that I support Islam either (it's a load of crap itself...), but I'm sick of this American Jingoistic party-line crap. And much of that "Neofolk" crap today is unlistenable except maybe Cult of Youth... Anyways I don't know what I was thinking when I got into this pseudo-Nazi crap, especially when I was never even pro-Nazi to begin with. I pretty much hate all tyranny, in fact...


Oh did I happen to mention the last straw was when some psycho on the Death In June Yahoo Group started praising Anders Behring Brievik?


Like the swastika itself, the death's head/"totenkopf" didn't originate with the Nazis (, however damned by association it may have become.

Corporate Comedian

It's strange but true that the sign of the Nazis is actually a religious symbol in India. Not absolutely the same though but little bit tilted towards the right. I had friends from overseas who were shocked to find this out.


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Great compilation of draft.
The creativity and innovation in the design of theme parks.

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