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January 22, 2012



Very nice article. miss those 45's!


Bob, might the "Cha Cha in the Basement" be a home-made recording? I seem to recall having some other records with that 'Audiodisk' label and thinking that they were the kind you could make on a home record maker (as in: the days before tape recording). In any case, you're right, wonderful stuff, hope a better sound quality copy turns up one day.


Rune Öfverman is a well-known Swedish musician, and the father of Clarence Öfverman (also a well-known producer and keyboard player) who produced Swedish pop-duo Roxette from 1986 until 2001.

Lepidus vir

I was a bit confused about the patriarch's refusal to dance the twist with his daughter given his willingness to rock and roll with his wife and cha cha with his son. Perhaps the twist, which depends upon the gyrations of the torso, too strongly suggested incestuous relations? And yet the father doth protest too much, harping on his own recusal. Could it be that that incestuous act had already taken place, and the father, oppressed by guilt, is claiming his innocence? Indeed, no other interpretation is possible, in my view.

ccna training

I'm loving the 45's. Keep it up.

Caloundra Bookkeeper

Sometimes it's refreshing to listen to old tracks. 45's are not bad at all.

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