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January 26, 2012


Nicholas Melillo

I directed that music video in NYC , am still directing and shooting pictures, and its 2012. People that missed the Handgrenades and the Sponsors have not heard real music. they where the best.

Jerelyn Hanrahan

buckets of talent, these guys,
great drums by Jon Pellicoro on Murder in the U.S.

A, Singatra

Yeah, that Pellicoro was one hip slick dude, he used to murder those drums man, I mean he would kill 'em!

how to find mr. right

This is what you called a gift of talent. No wonder they have been hit as one of the famous entertainers because of their passion towards music.

Bob Levittan

What a hoot - I"m the Bob Levittan (misspelled Levitan) that recorded Demo to London / Coma Dos in the basement studio in my house in Dix Hills. The guys in the band and I were all friends and played in various bands together. We worked together making graphics as well, including the hand grenades. We did a lot of graphics work for Cablevision long ago. The recording was made on an Ampex 8 track and a mixing console that was custom made by an electrical engineer that was a family friend. I don't remember the microphones other than a pretty nice Neumann for vocals. The reverb was an old spring reverb unit. I do recall that I ran the bass both direct and from a mike on the amp. I mixed it down to a stereo master and the records were pressed from that.

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