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January 04, 2012



Do see the comment section @ to get a sense of why Garagepunk66 followers are so happy that Mark has decided to stick around. Much like the good Miner, this is a man who cares! ;-)

Doug S.

Hey Holly, thanks for highlighting Mark's heroism in blogging. There are so many like him who toil away selflessly.

Jessi Hance

I'm excited about the Chilean music and blog. I'm gonna dive in over there. Found another neat comp there, La Clave. We'll see if I'm as crazy about it as the reviewer is ;) Anyhow, back to the download you recommended, I like hearing how the Nueva Cancion singers, whom I usually think of as folk singers, team up with a band called...Los Blops??? :D to go electric. I had no idea those guys were doing anything like that.

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