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February 08, 2012


Tom Bogdon

Haha.. I experience this phenomenon quite a bit, but didn't know it had a name.. Good stuff!


Rain and thunders are a very powerful triggers for me. I guess the combination of both (soft and intimidating) are a strong release of sudden body reactions.

Do you like the rain? How does it make you feel? Listen to the following video:



I'll just leave this here:

Fred G

This guy is my favorite.
I would watch him all the time when I was just a kid.


Goosebumps are another one. Not sure if yawning is considered one or not, but sometimes I've noticed that after watching the same video over and over I'll yawn at specific points, not because of boredom or tiredness.


Nice to see some ASMR'tists I've never seen before.

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