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February 15, 2012


The Fuddler

A lot of these links have gone dark.

Guess the Ebayers who are charging three figures for these old records are rejoicing.

God damn the RIAA and their allies. Almost makes me want to get everything from the Pirate Bay from now on, just on principle. (Cool your jets and call off your legal vampires, RIAA. I did say "almost").

Doug Schulkind

All Multiupload links across the Web have been wiped, including Arkadin's. In his last post, he offers to re-up some files on request. If there's anything at the Ark you desire, I recommend contacting Arkadin through his blog and asking nicely nicely.

The Fuddler

Thanks, Doug. I'll send Arkadin a message.

What I liked best about the music bloggers (the ones upping out-of-print music) was their spirit of sharing. There are plenty of world class music *hoarders* out there, people who buy up valuable recordings simply to put 'em into their closets and know that *they* have them and everyone else doesn't. The music bloggers on the other hand, took their stash and made it available for public consumption when the record companies wouldn't. Or couldn't, in the case of companies which are no longer in business.

Something will take the place of the music blogs, I'm certain of that. But I fear that never again will the sharing of hopelessly-out-of-print commercial recordings be as open and free as it has been.

And for whatever it may be worth, I think it was in no small part the blogs which featured easily-available, current commercial recordings that ruined it for the rest of us. They were the low-hanging fruit which the RIAA et. al. simply could not resist snapping at. I point the finger at them and say, "you were the main ones who made these bad things happen".


Leonida cuordiformaggio

Anyone can re-up mark III Marvin Whoremonger lp?

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