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February 29, 2012



Huh? Weird economics! One could get the original music for any compilation for 1/10th of that 'pledge' sum you're asking for with all the gall in the world!
Damn you and your retarded blog. You're nothing but a bunch of on-line thieves stealing any money they could get their white nerdy hands on (prolly using in the process another bunch of Mexicans and black Africans willing to chuck the dosh).

"Saving you time as well as legal tender, your faithful Miner does all the hunting and gathering...", For piss' sake! Who in hell wrote this bumf? Legal tender? Huh again? Who are you trying to fool here? Get a real off-line/meatspace job you dumbwads.


Anony-mous, you are one big weirdo. What's your beef? Got angry because you didn't find those great links that are supposed to be here every Wednesday? Or are you angry that a radio station like WFMU needs to ask its listeners for money?
If I could I'd love to kick your likely to be white trash ass.
Take a hike to facebook, this is probably more up your alley!


U Mad, son?

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