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February 27, 2012


Prof. Chuck Bonghis, Dept. of Subcultural Studies, University of Phoenix

Wow! No-Neck Expector guy putting "the Culture" into perspective for the rest of us. Every word a pearl! Such fascinating connections! I never looked at it like that! Bravo, maestro! Bravo!!


The highlight for me was Will Ferrel blowing cymbal smashing air right in Brad Pitts' face, through his manufactured hair. Or, no, maybe it was Myrle Streep copping a WTF attitude about winning again.

John Fell Ryan

Didn't know Phoenix was in the Pentagon, Professor! Guess I missed the blackface stuck in blimp traffic, but that's less lizard overlord and more shabby mummer, but what's the dif? Bigger question is what kind of vocoder did they use in Kiss Me Deadly in 1955? I feel like I should ask the military industrial complex ...

John Fell Ryan

My fascination is not Pitt's long, blond wig but those Hollywood wigs that give a more 'dignified' look, maybe salt-and-pepper with a receding hairline.


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