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February 16, 2012



The link doesn't work, but I'm sure the average joe can figure it out.


@ Jimson, Seems to be working just fine, I just re-downloaded it.

Joey D

isn't he gonna get like... sued?

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An instrumental remix album for a ’60s band, let alone the Beach Boys, doesn’t exactly sound like the sexiest way to launch a comeback.


Q: isn't he gonna get like... sued?

A: Will C ("we'll see")

I dig this album, reminds me of a hip hop Negativland, very enjoyable listen.


Nice stuff, diggin' it!
joey d: probably not, it's a free download giveaway. There have been millions of Beach Boy mashups/remixes* with no problems. So far.

*usually using the vocals, not the instros, as this album does.


With all the recent hype over the Beach Boys playing with Brian Wilson this has been nicely timed and real welcome!!

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