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March 23, 2012



Paul, thanks for the post!
i did want to point out, as a DC resident for over 25 years, you missed out on some other crucial go-go bands such as

Pleasure (one of the few all female Go-Go bands)

Proper Utensils
*as a DC resident, it was rare you could go anywhere without hearing this jam blasting from cars

North East Groovers

Also i should point out the harDCore Go-Go double bills, yep that's right Minor Threat / Trouble Funk show is legendary, Fugazi also played with Pleasure and Rare Essence (or was it Junkyard...memory distortion...).

Regardless, hope people dive into this music more.


Paul Haney


Thanks! This is by no-means a be-all/end-all go-go post; almost posted North East Groovers too! "The Water" got massive play on the D.C. hip-hop/r&b stations back in the day.

- Paul

Mark Kostack

I could not agree more about the Amerie track. Those drums are some of the most impressively recorded and sequenced kit sounds that I've ever heard. That song hits harder and more uniquely than 99 percent of the rest of the pop universe let alone the cultural wasteland of the early aughts in R&B music. Viva Go-Go.


This station is sooo awesome!

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