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March 17, 2012


Doug Vizthum

Another great story. Mo Levy is always a fascinating read.

Barry Mitchell

I have a copy of Jackie Kannon's Jokes For The John. It's a slender, pink book with a small keychain on the top left. It contains incredibly sexist, old jokes and cartoons of the kind you might find in Playboy circa 1961. I'll bet Mad Men's Don Draper had it in his private bathroom.

Michael Powers

Couldn't stop reading that one, that's for sure.

Bill Thompson

Another great article - all of your stuff is wonderful. My dad had a copy of Jokes for the John. We used to sneak and read it. As I recall, most of the jokes seemed pretty lame.

Jon Pennington

If anybody wants to read more about Morris Levy's history, here's an article about "tax scam" record label, including Tiger Lily, which was founded as a subsidiary of Roulette.


You always write a magnificent story, but what became of Jackie Kannon?


Do you know anything about 'Goody' (short for Goodstein) who 'ran' BIRDLAND in the mid-fifties? thank you!

Limos in Atlanta

It is too nice blog, means so funny characters and your small stories are mind blowing. It's awsome keep sharing !!

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