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March 23, 2012


John L

I have parts of this, maybe the whole thing, recorded on audio tape, on reel to reel. I had it titled Bonjour, Mr Orwell. PBS also had Alive From Off Center for awhile which had all kinds of neat "avant garde" stuff. I believe that was produced by Minnesota Public Television...


I remember getting up early (arggh!) on New Year's Day 1984 in anticipation of watching this very mixed bag of a public tv show (and I do miss a PBS that would even consider airing such a thing). George Plimpton was the sniffy host and actually said the following -- "It's been said that listening to John Cage's music is like chewing sand" -- in his introduction of the man at work. The Thompson Twins debuted the soon-impossible-to-escape "Hold Me Now." Laurie Anderson and Peter Gabriel pretended to admire some ridiculous animated birds while they did their duet from her second album. Come to think of it, this might have been the very last "variety show" ever broadcast.

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