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March 06, 2012


Scott Anger

How did you manage the 2nd part of the cron job? "killall wget" is kind of like using a sledgehammer and concrete block to press flowers.


I did have a 2nd cronjob launch one minute later with a killall script. There's an alternative to wget called curl, maybe that works better. But wget can't cut-off streaming media with any of its built-in flags as far as I can tell. Pretty dumb.


Ah! Here's better advice on that:

"I don't know if you can easily install FFmpeg or libav, but here is how
I would limit each to 60 seconds, rather than using killall (also adds
an MP3 header):

wget -q -O - | ffmpeg -i - -t 60 -acodec copy -y out.mp3


wget -q -O - | avconv -i - -t 60 -acodec copy -y out.mp3

FFmpeg is good for a lot of other general-purpose codec hacking too."


just found out about wget?
don't tell him about vsound!


If the show is archived, you can just wait for it to show up in the archive directory,, and slurp the mp3 file directly, without having to pipe a stream through ffmpeg/aconv. Then you can slice and dice the file as you wish. I do this with special shows, and delete the DJs talk, e.g. Monica's Blossom Dearie tribute. You can make, I mean steal, great mixes this way.


Bruceleh. I owe you one. That is so helpful.

More of this stuff to come, this is just the start.

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