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March 09, 2012


Fatty Jubbo

you have the sides mixed up. The Duotron track isn't the sickly-slinky-jazz-cabaret but the awesome no-wave-absurdist-destructo track where she says 'dum dum'.

Narine Atamian

Oh no! I feel so...dum! I'll check the record later to confirm, and will edit the post accordingly -- thanks very much for pointing this out!

Fatty Jubbo

The label on the record might be wrong.

But since you mistakenly shot down Duotron so fervently, I must point you to their entire discography:
they were really brilliant- tangled detuned guitar and odd drumming battling it out. Their music to me was like Edith and Archie hollering at each other. It's a more performative approach current 'drum+other instrument' duos don't touch.

Narine Atamian

Listening to those links -- you're totally right, sides were mislabeled. The track that actually IS Duotron's is absolutely awesome. Again thanks for catching this (and for turning me on to a great band I immediately dismissed)!

just john

Damn, you reminded me of a project I hoped had gone further, back on in 1999 or so. It was 80x80x80, where each of us were to submit a track eighty seconds long at 80 bpm (which we generally doubled to 160,) but the guy running it wasn't able to get 80 entries ...

Fatty Jubbo

oh yea, I'm also not a *reader*. Look on the left column.


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