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April 28, 2012


Brian Damage

I really liked their disco single, "Metal Dance," which was kind of what "Synaesthesia" was to Chris and Cosey. I always seemed to come in on the disco part of everyone's career.


As maligned as their later-period 'dance' music is, I really enjoyed the two, what I call 'crossover' tracks that they were playing out live in the midst of their 'hard' industrial set in 1982. I don't know the names of the pieces, but the catchy sequences stood out during those scary gigs, and it would've been nice if their later flavors had perhaps been leavened with a bit stronger sounds from their earlier work. Of course I can understand wanting to broaden your listener base...lord knows I've been there. I also felt in the early 1980's that I was "catching up" in some ways after a move across the country and re-settling, I missed seeing TG and some other acts that I later studied furiously.

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