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April 22, 2012


Tor H Tor

Of course the groovinest groove on groovin' safari must be this SuperStar parody
"Jesus Christ [is the] AntiChrist."
Ain't that a gas?


A interesting side note: Lt. Gay Ellis was played by folksinger Nick Drake's sister Gabrielle Drake.

Lightning Baltimore

I loved UFO when I was a kid, even though it sometimes frightened me. I got a free NetFlix trial a year or so ago solely so I could watch the entire series again, since it was finally available on DVD. Sure, the acting was wooden, but the stories were great.

On a side note: Rob Zombie went by the name Rob Straker in the early days of White Zombie. Coincidence? I don't think so!


I've seen a few episodes, and my most favorite part is... You know those self-serve soda dispensers at fast food joints? The head of SHADO had one in his office - but instead of cola, root beer, etc., it had labels reading Bourbon, Vodka, Whiskey....

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