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May 06, 2012



Certainly an interesting TV special, but nowhere near as good as The Monkees' theatrical film Head (and Head has a much better score)...


I could never figure out where the Monkees stood on the issue of whether or not they were a "real" band. Mickey Dolenz goes around these days telling people that they were NEVER a real band. He gets really irate about it. (But then again, this is also the guy who calls himself the "singing producer.")

Listener Rick

I was one of the few people watching that night on NBC; the special was up against the Oscars, which I (rightfully) rejected as Establishment. I (rightfully) conceived an instant crush on Julie Driscoll. I never bought a Monkees album (though I like the work today and agree they were quite underrated); I bought Julie Driscoll/Brian Auger records.

There will never be television like this again.

Brian C.

Origin of the evil muah-ha-ha-ha evil laugh? (during body-suited dance sequence)

Larry Lapka

Certainly the strangest special ever to air on network TV. The Monkees were supposed to star in three specials, but after this one, NBC reneged on their agreement. Peter Tork left, the Monkees were down to three, and appeared on a number of shows like Laugh-In and Hollywood Squares. But this special really is a sequel to their film "Head," which systematically destroyed their careers. The special goes along the same storyline in a different way, but resuscitates them at the end with the appropriately named "Listen to the Band." Yes, I was another one of those kids who watched the special, didn't really get it at the time, but really enjoy it now. No, it is not as good as "Head" is/was, but you won't see this type of thing on network TV today. Certainly a period piece, but a real good one.

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