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May 27, 2012


Alison Randall

"Paul is Dead" is my favorite conspiracy theory. It is both beautiful and cruel, and as it is created by no one in particular, it is a sort of exquisite corpse that has spurred some beautiful art from "true believers," like that of "I am a Phoney" on You Tube, who made about a hundred videos of collages related to "Paul is Dead."

(I'm not sure I didn't hear about this here.)

Simon C

I just love all the "Paul Is Dead" rumours. He isn't, of course, but it's fun to think there might really be some "clues" planted - just for the sake of the good old British tradition of "winding people up" (we go in for pranks like that a lot, don't cha know?)

In terms of dating this recording, then, Abbey Road was released on 26 September 1969 in the UK, and 1st October 1969 (George Benson had already started recording his version on 22nd October). Recording began in February and finished in August, so I'm guessing some details of that would have been reported in the press (either officially or unofficially), so I suspect this might could be any time between February to September - more realistically, I would say no later than August, as promotional material would already be in preparation by late August, with the album title probably at least reported, if unconfirmed, presuming my assumption of a one month release to manufacturing lead time is realistic. (tl;dr: my guess is July or August 1969.)

Thanks for that - this was great - really enjoyed! :)


What are the John Is Blind "clues"?


Christopher Glenn hosted the 1970s-1980s Saturday morning kids show "30 Minutes." He also did live CBS Radio coverage of the space shuttle Challenger disaster from Cape Canaveral (available from any number of online sources) beginning a minute or so after the shuttle exploded. Christopher was never a ridiculously big media star, but he is still missed.


Nice one, Mr. Purse. I still delight in remembering listening to reports about this story on the AM radio when I was eight years old and a confirmed Beatle scholar. It fascinated and spooked me. Growing up in rural areas, the fab ones were already sort of 'mysterious' to me in many ways, and this rumor just SO fit in with all of the bizarre misconceptions about them that I already entertained. Good times...


Well, the Beatles certainly liked to mess around. The best "clue" is the obviously backwards spoken bit at the end of "I'm So Tired." Played backwards it of course says something like "Paul is a dead man miss him miss him." My theory is not that John was sending out clues to the faithful that Paul was dead, much less that he would "miss him," but simply that John was pissed at Paul that day and thought that would be a fun thing to drop into the mix. And so it was. As for Paulie's penchant for doing the opposite of the others in group photographs, well as George said in Help, "Don't encourage him. You've got the part Paul."

pablo andres silva
i solve the mystery its on the songs of the white album

mr. mike

Re: Iamaphoney

Within the ranks of the Fake Paul McCartney crowd there is now the belief that "I am a Phoney" is a sub-project of Apple Corps. Ltd. because the Iamaphoney channel on YouTube never gets deleted. Why create such a project? To keep people buying Beatles albums. The claim is that Neil Aspinall (the former head of Apple Corps.) paid out 200,000 Pounds to "unknown creditors" back in 2006-07, and that the money was used to create the Iamaphoney project. The evidence was that Aspinall (since deceased) was listed by the LinkedIn website as "Standby Films, Ltd." and that "Billy Martin" (the person allegedly behind Iamaphoney) worked for Standby Films in 2006-07.

Now you know you are dealing with a "real" conspiracy theory when the theorists begin attacking each other....

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