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May 01, 2012



Not actually listenable...but an interesting browse through, nonetheless.


@mOgs...oh, you're right! Only some of them are streamable. I just happened to click through ones you could listen to and assumed it was the case for all of them...will edit this post.


It seems to be tied in to Spotify. Perhaps if it's available on Spotify, it's available? Could someone confirm?


It's not the entire collection - each week the first 100 albums for each letter of the alphabet is being upload, until October when the current funding runs out. Our liberal art funding this side of the pond is not that great! Hopefully more funding can be found to extend the project, but even this small insight into the collection, with limited streamed items, is fascinating.


Could be they are still working out the kinks for the first go...


i'm dismayed: it would be great if the archives weren't tied to spotify, which requires a facebook account. some (perhaps many) fans of this resource, may not have, nor want, facebook! i giant bronx cheer for that snafu!



Could be they are still working out the kinks for the first go

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