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May 12, 2012



I love the anecdote about folks feeling queasy and headachey. Funnily enough, I was feeling headachey and ill before this show, and almost didn't go because of that. I did go, however, and was amused that the night's giant sound completely erased my headache. I remember leaving the venue and hanging in the parking lot, jacked on noise and wanting more more more. Thanks for the memories, Drew ;)

Stuart Schellberg

Full bill at Russian Center was Undead (NYC), SPK, Minimal Man, Mutants, and Flipper. Memories? A guy sitting on the steps in front, heckling most of the crowd. "I'm wearing a skinny tie-HI! I've got an armband-HI!", on and on and on. I envision him doing cabaret in Vegas now. I do not recall that the fireball hit my hat (which is now lost-a long story I should commit to paper). I thought it landed on either Bill Rue or Drew's pants leg, and someone slapped it to put it out. Also remember V. Vale standing in front of me, until the flame thrower. Once that commotion died down, I didn't see him anymore, and fantasized that he might have gone out the window to my right. I squinted at that film tinted deep blue, realized it was an autopsy, and looked elsewhere. I don't think it was that loud at Russian Center, because the ceiling was high, and the sound disappeared upwards. Met Graeme Revell afterwards, who was a charmer. When some punkalina asked if he had a light for her smoke, he politely said no, then got a smirk and told her "I had a blowtorch earlier". He then gave a great Harpo Marx visual of what might have been, and the girl bailed out. Flipper were in a "mood" that night, and started by playing very sour chords, with Bruce intoning "You're all doomed" over and over. A few songs later, they covered "Super Freak". Kudos to Paul Rat, who I believe has departed this mortal coil, for putting this show on. Also to Drew, for being one of an estimated 12 listeners when a solitary record-collector geek decided he could do a radio show. I guess it takes over 30 years hindsight to realize that a few were changed, and thankfully picked up the ball and carried it farther and better than I ever did.


I was the person who started using Leichenschrei as a fill in DJ at WMUC. The most extreme instance of this once was when no one showed up at the end of my shift at 3am. I put the record on and constructed an almost life size DJ out of paper and attached him to the microphone, using the album cover as the head. I locked the doors to the station on my way out and no one got in until 1 in the afternoon. The lock groove was almost worn off the record after 10 hours of continuous play.


Re: @Jeff: Now waitaminnit- I remember this story now; it is somewhat legendary in DJ circles - So glad to have been reminded of these details, thanks ! Good times.


I have a cassette of the first half of this from way back (and also an audience recording of the complete gig) but I'm missing the second half. Is there anything better than mp3 ?


(I'm referring to the Oddfellows gig)


The third member was Karel Van Bergen, not Ne/H/iL... he stayed in Australia. The visuals and mix were handled by Tone Generator (Dominik Guerin), who also assembled the slide-show material.


Thanks, Terminaltoy -- I don't want to mis-inform people, and I appreciate the corrections!

Jonathan Goslan

I was witness to an SPK gig in Glasgow, I think it was the Nightmoves performance of 1983. We stood at the front and chellenged them to do their worst. A blonde woman, who I later discovered was diagnosed as mentally ill, wielded a heavy chain round and round inching towards the front row. This being Glasgow the mad punk audience didn't part 'majestically' but stood their ground and let the last link come within inches of their faces. She toyed with us for a while in an air of general disbelief at what was really happening but finally relented and everyone left unharmed. Scariest gig moment for me!

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