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May 25, 2012



the name of the piece is "time's encomium," in the possessive. I'm sure, given Wuorinen's generally pompous and dismissive demeanor (read: he's a jerk), that he would tell you this himself, but it's unlikely he reads this blog given his belief that all popular music is a "regurgitation of cliches." or that there have been no major developments in electronic music in the last 50 years. seriously. and both of those are in just one interview. but don't take my word for it:

(also not to be missed is his dubious claim that he was once asked by a "semi-famous" popular musician to please teach him everything there is to know about classical music; Wuorinen's supposed response was to tell the musician that he'd been writing bad [ie pop] music for so long that it was too late to teach him anything about real music and that he should continue on "in the darkness.")

PSS: any early electronic works by Subotnick beat the pants off of Wuorinen.


Reminds me of "Forbidden Planet."

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