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June 29, 2012


Brian Arnold

This is the last place I expected to come across Mummers string band music, but I'm so glad to hear it here! I was in a string band here in Philly for a few years (not Ferko) and am very proud to have been part of this tradition. Thanks for sharing!


I could see the novelty of this being exciting if you aren't from Philadelphia.

After living a dozen years a block from the Mummers Museum (live performances outside once/week in good wether), my back windows facing one string band clubhouse and my front windows facing I-95 under which the string bands practice their medleys 8 bars at a time over and over and over...

... man, I literally used to turn up 'FMU streaming in order to DROWN THIS OUT.

Oh the irony!

Sitting in the middle of the world's largest concentration of urban chord-only banjo players is a lot more fun in theory than in practice for a music lover. This is especially so when "Happy Days..." "Alabama Jubilee" and "O Dem Golden Slippers" are 50% of the set list 100% of the time.




I can't find a reference online and I am too lazy to search for it, but I have a 45 on Chess or probably Checker by the Ferko String Band backing a black girl singer on a Bo Diddley style number!

Ernie (Not Bert)

They do Christmas music, too!

Blog BigCityProblems

I believe that you did awesome resolution the moment when you picked up this theme of the article over here. Do you usually create your posts on your own or maybe you have a writing partner or even an assistant?


Where can I get the full text of their song 'Happy days are here again"?

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