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June 10, 2012



Commercial rock sucks? Thnaks for the news.


If you imagine that the lyrics are in Japanese, it's 10% better.


Worst song? Have you forgotten Loving You by Minnie Riperton? Ow, my ears!

Paul Haney

Don't diss Minnie, you jerk! Also, wrong era.

will rodgers

these clowns totally suck.
now in 2012, and always.

Tim from Radio Clash

Needs to have moar panpipes. Then it would rock. Or kazoos. Sadly with a bad panpipe synth and lack of kazoos, accordions, decent lyrics, and terrible autotuned chorus means it fails, and thus probably will be a massive hit.


@Paul Haney
Minnie's suckiness supersedes all eras.


Jonathan Steinke

Trod, the adults are talking.

And you can scratch out another tick on the detractor list for this abomination. Not that I ever gave the Offspooge a second look either, but FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK...

Kieran Faulkner

so it's official then
the internet has no sense of humour

Mr. Pants

I fuckin LOVE rock n roll, dude!!


Now now, they are just diversifying and reaching out to new audiences. Make perfect music sense right? We'll all be banging to tha new OSpring At tha clubb.

Koshchei The Deathless

Sounds like they're trying to take off the Black Eyed Peas - they manage to sound as bad as My Humps. Or worse? Is it possible to be worse than My Humps?

Issac Maez

I find this funny to read, especially because when growing up, i really considered The Offspring to be the coolest thing ever. I thought that they represent the highest peack in human behaviour, and if that's how americans do it, then so should I. (i'm of different nationality).
Obviously, I grew up and started to realize things, but still there was a period when i considered "pretty fly for a white guy" to know..pretty fly :)

Clarence Ewing

Nope..."Friday" is still worse, by a mile and a half.

Will A.

Yep. Stinky. But it must be said that "Come Out And Play" was a perfect, 100% awesomesauce track. Let's not take that away from the ladz.

Suzi from California

The worst song is "SOME NIGHTS" by FUN. Piece of trash, irritating, HORRIBLE disgrace to actual musicians everywhere.


You don't know offspring if you think this is a genuine song and not a rip off of modern day POP ROCKERS. Listen to how he goes UH HUH and OHHH YEAH. Hasn't done that since Pretty Fly For A White Guy. You gonna tell me that was a serious song as well?


Worst Songs of 2012 as of October:

David Lynch "Crazy Clown Time"
Van Halen "Tattoo"
Nicki Minaj "Bees In A Trap"
Carly Rae Jespen "Call Me Maybe"
PSY "Gangnam Style"
Taylor Swift "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"
Muse "Survival"
Matchbox 20 "She's So Mean"
Macklemore & Ryan "Thrift Shop"
Green Day "Oh Love"

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