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June 19, 2012


Brian Arnold

At the risk of sounding like the typical smarmy fanboy, I have to take issue here. I haven't read much of Liefeld's art myself, so I won't judge him either way, but there is plenty of wonderful writing and art in mainstream Marvel and DC Comics these days.

Batman, Amazing Spider-Man, Supergirl, Batwoman, Venom, and Swamp Thing are several examples I can offer to high quality comics storytelling, both in regards to writing and artwork. I recommend readers to go to and find their local comic shop, or go to and download a comic right to the computer or e-reader of choice. Take a look around, and you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.


Brian, can you say that of the big comics (and Image, ugh) of the 1990's? I quit reading the big American comics around 1989, I thought for years that it was because 14 was getting too old for those comics. Now I see the cause was the industry devolving into sludge. Thanks, Rob!

Asher Turnaround

Making fun of Liefeld is like making fun of the french; it's a little over played and done mostly by people who have never been to France. To be honest I think there has to be room for tastes of all shapes and sizes here (min comics to the much derided Rob whose artwork resonated with me quite a bit), and the notion that the entire medium of comics is limited to Liefeld drawing chesticles on Cap in Heroes Reborn is a pretty narrow view of a medium that is diverse enough to encompass talents like Art Spiegelman and Frank Miller and Alan Moore!

I'm with Brian on this one.

Brian Arnold

90s comics have a bad reputation to be sure, and much if it an earned one, but I felt the need to defend an industry that does as much right, if not more, than it does wrong. And yes, that includes Marvel and DC.

Listener Rick

I wonder if the commenters on this post who stoutly defend '90s mainstream comics realize that the post was written by somebody who wrote '90s mainstream comics.

Jim Nelson

""Thanks to the Interwebs, you can find and buy minicomics without having to hang around the fringes of some distressing comic convention. If you want to buy American mass-market comics, though..."

... you can also buy them through the "interwebs". In fact, it's quite easy and you can even buy them and read them online, without ever leaving your home.

While I can appreciate the first half of this blog post and the virtues of some mini-comics, it seems the second of half of the post was nothing more than a flimsy excuse to blast Rob Liefeld, which is pretty ridiculous when the likelihood of running into truly awful art in a mini-comic is much greater than the likelihood of encountering it in a mainstream comic book.


I guess I should've saved my old Bazooka Joe minicomics.

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Ric Old

Why is it that in Europe comic book art is more generally appreciated?

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Porsha Kemper

They’ve been publishing sequential art since 1997.

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IGN Comic

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