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June 29, 2012


Yes, that appears to be the BBC children's program "What's That Noise." The presenter is performance poet Craig Charles, who went on to be in the cult TV show "Red Dwarf."

Craig Charles at Wikipedia

Pretty wild to have Napalm Death on such a show. One loves the BBC.

astral social club

ach, the BBC are still at it ... a few months ago i wandered into the room while my kids were watching Vic Reeves' Ministry of Curious Stuff on CBBC + the subject of shortest/longest songs was addressed on the prog - cue "you suffer" + jem finer's "longplayer" -= kids love this shit


killer! i think the host was in the british production of 'red dwarf.'


Quite a mixed bunched, the old chap on xylophone, Patrick Moore, made maps of the moon used by both Russia & the USA in their explorations and the later's landing.

vanessa long

What was the kids tv show craig charles was presenting years ago?

Signe Bratcher

I have to thank my buddy Travis Johnson for alerting me to this .


Bill Steer's other band, Carcass, appeared in an episode of Red Dwarf. Small world.

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