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June 25, 2012


Doug Schulkind

On June 12, the City Council here in Pittsburgh presented Needles with an official proclamation declaring the day "Sharon Needles Day in Pittsburgh." Read about it in the Pittsbugh Post-Gazette.


Really liked this article. See also Christeene for another unique take on drag and drag culture/expectations.


So good and the interviewer has such style himself!


What a thorough and excellent article! Thanks for sharing!


At first when I saw the Satanic images I was like Wtf? Especially because the Church of Satan gave him official praise on their website for his Album and songs entitled "Hail Satan". And now after seeing this I realize Sharon Needles is as much of a Satanist as he is Racist. Meaning, if he was a racist there's no way in hell he would've ever won Rupaul's drag race! So yeah, he's doing it for the shock value, which is already played out. There's no conviction about it, and makes him come off a little desperate. He should expand his talent, instead of relying heavily on a cookie cutter brand, but then again maybe this is the best he can do.

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