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July 09, 2012


Kip W

The other day I was recalling a segment about him on "Great American Dream Machine," where the narrative refrain was a song, "I believe there's goodness in Evel." They had him in slo-mo, jumping the fountain at Caesar's Palace, and hitting wrong, and rolling, and rolling, and rolling... then we joined the medics at the surgical unit in undercranked herky-jerky fast-mo, and the song gave way to a rather upbeat number:

"Wal, first we take the arms and try to bend 'em in place
And then we try a little plastic on his feet 'n' his face
Then we twist his right leg so it fits on a bike,
And the left leg we do with, whatever we like!

'n' then we screw around a little with a plate in his hip,
We put a zipper in his bottom and we button his lip.
The things that we don't reckanize go back in the bag
And then we mop him up all over with a Surgical Rag!"

(If anyone knows of a video of this segment, please let me know. It's been decades.)

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