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July 21, 2012


Rick Ferron

Great post....almost, like most versions of this story you failed to point out that Hank Thompson was not the first to record Wild side of Life which had already been recorded by Jimmy Heap, heres a link to get Heaps' original


Well, I did know about the first version and declined to mention it - no slight to Mr. Heap, but, this is something that has happened with an awful lot of famous 'hits' of one genre or another, frequently there is a lesser-known artist who cuts a song first, it goes nowhere nationally, and then some time later, a better-known name puts it out there again and it strikes gold. I chose to blow past that part of the story (sacrificing some detail) since it happens with SO many famous songs. Often the SAME person has to release a song more than once for it to take off. At least I got some of the facts on this one right that I saw distorted in other articles...

Rick Ferron

agreed, my only point was i felt it wasnt quite fair to mention Alice Montgomery's original & leave out Jimmy Heap, otherwise you were spot on, Cheers

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