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July 30, 2012


شات صوتي

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شات صوتي

سعودي انحراف
شات صوتي
سعودي كام
دردشة صوتية
شات الخليج
سعودي كام
دردشة سعودي كول

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Leo expands his palette here a bit, although the small ensemble effect remains; there's talking drum, chromatic harmonica, bass melodica, tubular bells, boobams, and the already omnipresent bell tree player takes more of the spotlight. Unfortunately this is a distinctly less ostentatious selection of songs than those featured on either of his Hawaii in Hi-Fi releases, which makes for an overall less memorable listening experience.


it so goddamned hot here in Texas--this stuff sounds pretty cool to me! I'm curious, if this is not the best this generation & genre have to offer, please direct me to the top-shelf shit! I loves me some Sol Hoopi, but other than that, all I know of this music are the tired cliches...

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"We often GO into ankle-deep water", not "do into ankle-deep water". Sorry about that.

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