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July 25, 2012



It's not worse than (and certainly less unnerving than):


Between socialized-medicine-killing Obamacare and the fact that I like the president to be the most readily evident douchebag imaginable (considering that both parties have the same agenda), Romney might actually be the lesser of two evils this time around. It would be nice to see Obama supporters oppose Republican policies for the first time in four years.

Chris Darkheart

The melody really isn't bad, if it had a better arrangement...

Mark Penland

I would give ten thousand dollars to hear that performed by Uncle Ruckus.

Charlie Potts

Well, he certainly convinced me. Romney in 2016!


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Klatsoot Nekry

I thought it was a Tim & Eric sketch for a minute

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mr. mike

"I thought it was a Tim & Eric sketch for a minute"

- Klatsoot Nekry

This clown has been doing YouTube videos for years, his name is William Tapley.

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