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July 25, 2012


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Are there any songs about the I-35W bridge collapse in Minnesota on August 1, 2007? I couldn't find anything using a google search, other than the beeMP3 site that apparently scavenged an MP3 of the WBUR public radio broadcast and will also allow you to make the audio file into your ringtone ( You'd think Minnesota would have a few enterprising country music artists, or rap artists, or metal artists, or Bob Dylan imitators, or something. Then again, "I-35W Bridge" doesn't conjure up the kind of image "Silver Bridge" does . . .

Ivan M. Tribe

I just found your website containing songs about the Silver Bridge Disaster. There are at least three or four more than you have listed. One is a second song by Ray Anderson that appeared on LP only. Another by the Barnett Brothers was on the Cincinnati-based vetco label. Still another was by a guy named Jim Wayne on the Pacer label. Buddy Starcher had one that the recording was unreleased but I have a copy. A man named Howard Stocksdale wrote one of which I have a demo. A folk revival group at Ohio U. performed one and I at least have the lyrics. I wrote articles on this phenomnon in 1973 and 1979 of which I can furnish copies if you are interested. Sincerely Ivan M. Tribe

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